About Madison

I'm a blended soul of both the south and the west coast. I grew up in Memphis, TN where I led a fairly quiet life through high school. From there, I relented to going to the local university, the University of Memphis, following the advice of my parents instead of going away like I so desperately wanted. In the end, it worked out, as it usually does, and I had far more opportunities to travel because of my major (Hospitality), minor (French), and the support the school received (from my full ride to the many work/study abroad opportunities). With the University of Memphis, I was able to study in Panama, France, and even take an internship in China after graduation. I was never fully meant to stay in Tennessee, so I ended up where my soul felt like it really belonged, here on the west coast. I'll never be a complete Californian, I left a huge part of my heart in Memphis, but I've really found a home here in the Bay Area.

I do things sometimes


Last Trip
Backpacking in the Grand Canyon
Next trip
There's definitely something happening before, but the next booked trip is the 2018 Antartica Marathon


Last race
The Disneyland Half Marathon (in order to complete the coast-to-coast challenge)
Next race
Angel Island 10K

Backpacking and Hiking

Last trip
The Grand Canyon
Next trip
Angel Island, right in the middle of the San Francisco Bay for New Year's Eve

I've learned some things

High school
University of Memphis
Hospitality and Resort Management

And some strange things

  • I collect travel guides like it's my job
  • Yet I'm somehow aspiring to live like a minimalist
  • If there's an episode of "Hoarders" on, I can't take my eyes away
  • I've worked in some cool places like: Walt Disney World, a hotel that shared my name (seriously), a board game publisher, and a film streaming service
Leela, Bender, we're going grave robbing.